Spring Clean Up

Clean up the leftover leaves and debris from our Minnesota winters for a great new season.

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Our Spring Clean Up Services

When the weather gets nice and all the snow has melted, spring clean up begins!

Our spring services help prepare your yard for the growing season to make it look healthy and green all season long.

Spring Clean Up

What do Spring Clean Up Services Include?

We start by taking care of all the yard work that may be leftover from the fall and winter. The main focus of spring clean up is removing the leaves and debris that have been sitting on your lawn from the previous fall. This includes leaves, branches, and any other unwanted debris that has accumulated. Our crews will also cut back any perennials that may need care from the winter. We will also take care of the removal of any excess debris.

For our commercial properties, we also offer parking lot sweeping services to give your business a polished look once the snow has melted!  This includes cleaning your lot so there is no garbage or debris, cleaning storm drains and curbs, and blowing away any excess debris from sidewalks or storefronts.

Spring Clean Up is Essential for a Healthy Lawn

Removing leaves isn’t just because we want to get them off of our yards. When you remove the excess leaves and debris in your lawn, it also helps prevent excess thatch. (Thatch is a thin layer of organic matter that lies below the grass and on top of soil. It is made up of decaying stems, leaves and roots.) Too much thatch buildup on your lawn is detrimental to how well it will thrive. Removing the leaves from your yard prevents them from decaying into your lawn and keeps thatch build up down.

In addition, The National Gardening Association also recommends that leaves are removed from your lawn before they get wet and soggy. The soggy leaves prevent your lawn from getting adequate sun in the spring, killing the grass underneath.

Spring clean up is necessary to having your yard look clean and pristine! If you are interested in learning more about our spring clean up services contact us today and we can help you with all your lawn and landscaping needs!

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