Remove the excess "thatch" that creates a barrier preventing water and air from reaching your soil.

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Our De-Thatching Services

De-thatching is the process of removing excess thatch that has built up over time.

Thatch is a tightly interwoven layer of living and dead tissue existing between the green vegetation and soil surface. It is composed primarily of products from stems, leaf sheaths, and roots that are fairly resistant to decay. Build-up occurs when organic matter cannot be broken down as fast as it is produced. Some thatch on your lawn is okay but, anything over 1 inch is considered excessive.


De-thatching is the process of removing excess thatch that has built up over time. This process helps improve movement of air within your lawn making watering and fertilizer more effective.  If your thatch is too thick, grass roots will begin to establish in it causing problems to your lawn. Too much thatch can make your lawn more susceptible to disease and drought.

Thick thatch also heats up and dries out quickly, drying out your grass. During rainy seasons, it holds more water which reduces much needed oxygen to your lawn.

How we can Help Manage Your Thatch

De-thatching is most effective in the early spring or fall in the Twin Cities. Our technicians will come to your home and assess your yard before beginning. We will take the time to assure you receive quality service. With our commercial vertical mowers, we physically remove the thatch from your lawn so you can see immediate results. If there is any extra lawn debris, we can take care of the removal as well. Our staff is highly trained ensuring that the right amount of thatch is removed so your lawn isn’t left looking damaged.

De-thatching is most effective when followed up with a proper lawn care all season lawn. Regular watering, fertilization, and seeding can all be helpful in establishing a healthy lawn. Contact one of our lawn care technicians today to find out more!

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