Fall Clean Up

Prepare your lawn for winter with a fall clean up to remove leaves, debris and more.

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Our Fall Clean Up Services

Autumn can be a beautiful season for the Twin Cities area, but when the leaves start changing, they also start dropping.

Raking leaves can be a chore that most people don’t want to tackle every fall. The alternative is to let leaves sit on your lawn all winter, but that can be detrimental to the growth of your lawn. If you don’t enjoy spending hours working on your fall clean up, then hire a professional crew to come do it for you!

Fall Clean Up

Are Raking the Leaves Necessary in the Fall?

If leaves are left on your yard all winter long, several bad things can happen. For starters, excessive leaf decay can cause snow mold diseases making it harder for your lawn to green up in the spring.

Second, if leaves are not taken care of in the fall they can smother your grass which will inhibit grass growth in the spring.

Over several years, this could completely destroy your entire lawn. Finally, leaves create a habitat for unwanted creatures in the winter (mice and voles) which can leave your lawn damaged come spring. Most experts agree that unless you want to reseed your lawn every year, you should take care of the leaves in your yard in the fall and spring.

Fall Clean Up Services

With our fall clean up services, we remove all the leaves for you! Leaves and debris are removed from the turf areas as well as ornamental and mulch bed areas. In addition, we will cut back all perennials and prepare all beds and trees for the upcoming winter. Gutter cleaning is an optional service we offer to our residential clients in the the fall.

Removing the leaves and debris from your yard isn’t only beneficial to the growth of your grass. It leaves your yard looking professional and flawless. If you want your yard to look immaculate this fall without have to spend hours on your lawn, then give us a call today!

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