Lawn Mowing, Trimming and Blowing

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Our Lawn Mowing, Trimming and Blowing

All Metro provides weekly lawn services for the Twin Cities area.

We maintain a strict schedule as well as ongoing staff training to ensure that your property is maintained to the highest standard!


Every staff member is trained in proper mowing techniques to ensure a uniform and consistent appearance.

In addition, we take pride in using high-quality, well-maintained equipment for your yard. Our blades are inspected and sharpened daily, making sure your grass stays healthy.

Also, equipment is checked regularly to make sure our machinery is leak-free and in perfect operating conditions.

All mowing services include:


Done on a weekly basis, our technicians customize a plan that works for you and your yard.

We make sure that your lawn is always cut to a proper height, never cutting more than ⅓ of your turf.

String line trimming and edging

We know that lawnmowers can’t get to all the grass in your yard. That’s why we make sure to trim and edge around your driveways, sidewalks, trees, plants and anywhere else it may be needed in your yard.

Our goal is to give your yard a polished look.

Power blowing

Our power blowing services get in those hard to reach places like under shrubs and trees. We make sure that all the excess debris in your yard is taken care of. Most clippings are blown back into the turf to return nutrients back into the soil.

Excess clippings and debris will be removed leaving your driveways and sidewalks clean.

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