Aeration promotes healthier grass and thicker root systems by allowing nutrients to penetrate the soil.

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Lawn aeration is a vital step in having a healthy growing lawn.

In conjunction with proper fertilization, seeding and weed control, it is one of the most effective ways to keep your turf lush and green during our growing season.


Over time, the soils in our yards get compacted, making it harder for our grasses to establish longer roots and make watering less effective.

Lawn aeration removes plugs of soil from your lawn and exposes the root systems.

This improves soil drainage, and less watering saves you money! It also encourages oxygen into the soil giving your grass the nutrients it needs and making it thicker.

Depending on the type of soil you have in your yard, you may need to have your lawn aerated multiple times a year or only once. Clay soils get compacted more easily requiring more services, whereas sandy soil may only need it done once yearly. For the Twin Cities region, late summer or early fall is the best time to get your lawn aerated. This ensures that your grass can heal during its growing season, filling in where needed.

Does your lawn need aeration?

Although we recommend you get your lawn aerated on a regular basis, there are several ways you can determine if your lawn needs to be aerated.

  • Your lawn needs more water and dries out easily.
  • Children and pets can cause your soil to get compacted faster as well as any heavy use on your lawn.
  • If your yard is a newly constructed home or has had sod laid the previous year. Heavy equipment use on your lawn can cause the layer of topsoil to become compacted making aeration necessary.

And, if you’re not sure if your yard needs to be aerated, our trained technicians can help you out with a simple phone call!

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