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When is the best time to install an irrigation or sprinkler system?
August 30, 2022

Irrigation Systems: Saving Time While Saving Lawns Most of us remember running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day as children. Turning on the hose was a simple way to stay cool and ensure the lawn survived the hot, dry conditions. However, irrigation has come a long way over…

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The Benefits of a Good Lawn Care Company
August 22, 2022

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need a lawn care company’s services?” The answer is YES! A well-maintained yard requires more than just occasional mowing. There are several things to consider when it comes to lawn care and maintaining your yard: Fertilization Weed Control Pest Control Lawn Aeration…

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The Best Times to Seed Your Lawn
October 30, 2021

Do you know when the nest time to seed your lawn is? If you have a lawn that is thin or has dead spots in it, overseeding is your best option. Keep in mind, certain times of the year are better than others. While it’s still possible to seed your…

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How to Plant Bulbs in the Fall
October 25, 2021

Bulbs are an inexpensive way to add color to your landscape. Planted in the fall, they bloom anywhere from early spring to summer, depending on the bulb. They are not hard to grow but do have to be planted in areas that meet their needs for sun, water, and nutrients….

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10 Steps to Preparing Your Minnesota Lawn for the Winter
September 27, 2021

Your lawn and landscape need attention to help start preparing your lawn for winter. Doing these things will help make sure your lawn has all the nutrients and other things it needs to grow and look nice in the spring. We’ve compiled a list of steps you can take to…

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Do You Have a Snow and Ice Management Plan?
September 15, 2021

Snow and ice are dangerous to walk on. In fact, slip/trip/fall (STF) incidents cost $15 billion dollars in direct costs each year. The average STF pedestrian incident costs $18,000-30,000 while the average workers comp claim is $25,000-40,000 an incident. That is a lot of money to lose if you don’t…

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Why Irrigation Blowouts are Important in the Twin Cities
August 31, 2021

Irrigation blowouts prepare your irrigation system for winter in the Twin Cities. If there is water in your irrigation system when the weather gets cold, it can ruin your system. Pipes can freeze and then burst. Sprinkler heads can shatter. You will have to dig up the pipes in the…

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How to Aerate Your Lawn
August 26, 2021

Aerating your lawn is not difficult and it really helps your grass grow lush and thick. There are only a few steps that you have to take. By the end of this article, you will know why you aerate your lawn, the equipment you need to do so, how to…

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Lawn Sprinkler Systems 101
July 31, 2021

Watering your landscapes uses a third of the water in our urban and suburban residential and commercial areas. That comes to about nine billion gallons of water a day in the United States. As drought becomes more frequent and more severe, landowners must water as efficiently as possible. If you’re…

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How To Hire The Best Landscaping Vendor For Your HOA
July 24, 2021

Landscaping for your HOA is probably one of the biggest expenses your group has. Finding a good landscaping vendor can be time consuming and difficult. The wrong choice can cause property prices to fall, homeowners to be unhappy, and potential homeowners to find another place to buy. It can even…

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