Why Irrigation Blowouts are Important in the Twin Cities

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Why Irrigation Blowouts are Important in the Twin Cities

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
3 years ago | August 31, 2021

Irrigation blowouts prepare your irrigation system for winter in the Twin Cities. If there is water in your irrigation system when the weather gets cold, it can ruin your system. Pipes can freeze and then burst. Sprinkler heads can shatter. You will have to dig up the pipes in the spring and fix them, costing thousands of dollars.

Ways to Drain Your Irrigation System

There are three general ways to drain your irrigation system: manual, automatic, and blowout. Manual systems have a series of drain values that you must open manually, let the water drain out, then close the values. This is rather time consuming, and there is always the chance you will miss a section of your system and have burst pipes there. Automatic systems do the same thing, but your controller orders the values to open and shut, so you do not have to. There is not as much of a chance that a line will be missed using this method, but if a valve sticks closed, it can happen.

What Is the Blowout Method?

The blowout method uses compressed air to blow the water out of the system. It is the most effective method to winterize your irrigation system. This method works on both manual and automatic irrigation systems.

What You Need to Blowout Your Irrigation System

Before you blowout your irrigation system, gather your materials. You will need an air compressor rated for 80-100 CFM, a coupler to connect the air compressor to the irrigation system, and safety glasses. When blowing out your irrigation system, do not exceed 80 PSI for PVC pipe or 50 PSI for polyethylene piping. Never stand near an active sprinkler head while performing this procedure.

How to Blowout Your Irrigation System

Follow these instructions carefully to avoid injury to yourself and/or your irrigation system.

  1. Shut down the water supply to the irrigation system.
  2. Connect the air compressor to the irrigation system using the coupler. Make sure the connection point is after the backflow device.
  3. Turn on the sprinkler head that is the farthest and highest from the air compressor.
  4. Close the backflow valves.
  5. Slowly open the air valve on the compressor. Do not open it too much too fast.
  6. Gradually add more air pressure into the system. Shut the air off immediately if there is a problem.
  7. Keep increasing the amount of air until you start to see water come out of the sprinkler head.
  8. Starting with the farthest sprinkler head from the compressor and working towards the compressor, activate each sprinkler head in turn.
  9. Shut off each sprinkler head when the water stops flowing out of it.
  10. When you have blown out each sprinkler head, turn off the air compressor and disconnect it.
  11. Release any remaining air in the system by opening and closing the drain valves.
  12. Open and close the valves on the backflow device.
  13. Make sure all the valves in the system are closed.
  14. Turn the controller to winter or off.

Your system should now be empty of water.

Get Professional Irrigation Blowouts in the Twin Cities

The Minnesota Extension Service recommends you let a professional blowout your irrigation system. If you have never done this procedure before, you can injure yourself and can destroy your irrigation system. All Metro Service Companies LLC will come out in the fall and blowout your irrigation system. We winterize a lot of irrigation systems and have the correct equipment and training to do it safely. Call All Metro Service Companies LLC today at (763) 789-4788 to schedule your irrigation blowout service anywhere in the Twin Cities.

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