6 Low Maintenance Landscape Ideas for Small Businesses

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6 Low Maintenance Landscape Ideas for Small Businesses

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
11 months ago | August 21, 2023

As a small business owner, creating a good first impression on clients and customers can be crucial. That’s where curb appeal of a commercial property comes in. But keeping up with a high-maintenance landscape can be both time-consuming and expensive, especially if you’re working on a tight budget.

Fortunately, low maintenance landscaping is a practical and cost-effective approach to creating an attractive outdoor space for your business. We have 6 low-maintenance landscaping ideas for small businesses that can help enhance a property’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Using gravel or hardscaping are two low maintenance landscaping options.

Using gravel or hardscaping are two low maintenance landscaping options.

How Can I Reduce My Landscaping Expenses?

For businesses looking for low-maintenance landscape there are several ways you can reduce your landscaping costs. Here are some suggestions:

1. Plan and prioritize: Create a budget and prioritize the areas of your landscape that need immediate attention. This way, you can focus on essential tasks and postpone non-essential or more expensive projects for the future.

2. Shop around for materials: Before purchasing plants for a low-maintenance garden, mulch, or any other landscaping materials, compare prices from different suppliers. Look for discounts, sales, or consider buying in bulk to save money.

3. Opt for sustainable options: Consider using eco-friendly landscaping practices such as installing rain barrels to collect water for irrigation or utilizing compost to nourish your plants. Choosing native plants in rain gardens is also a great option as it requires less upkeep, reduces the need for additional watering and and come back year after year. These practices not only reduce costs, but ultimately benefit the environment.

4. Consider long-term savings: Invest in energy-efficient outdoor lighting (like solar lighting) or irrigation systems that can help reduce water and electricity usage. Although these may have higher upfront costs, they can result in long-term savings.

Remember, landscaping costs can vary greatly depending on your specific needs and the size of your property. By implementing some of these strategies, you can effectively reduce your landscaping costs while still maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. 

6 Low-maintenance Landscape Ideas for Small Businesses in Minnesota

If you’re a small business located in Minnesota, we have a few ideas that can help you lower costs while continuing to add curb appeal to your property.


1 – Choose Native Plants

When looking for plants to add to your garden beds, walkways or other outdoor licing spaces, opt for native plants that are naturally adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. Not only are they a great option beause these types of plants require minimal effort to maintain them and need less wate,  but they provide food and shelter for local wildlife. Thus bringing a vibrant ecosystem to your landscape. Some low maintenance plants that thrive in the Minnesota region include Coneflower, Eastern Red Cedar, and Black-Eyed Susan. 

2 – Consider Installing Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is a great alternative to natural grass because it requires little to no water, mowing, or fertilizing. It also looks and feels like real grass, providing a lush and green commercial landscaping solution without the hassle. This option is more expensive upfront, but the long-term savings are worth the investment, especially if you live in an area with water scarcity.

3 – Utilize Gravel in Flower Beds, Paths and Patio Features

Gravel beds are another option that can play a key role in low-maintenance landscape solutions. This is because gravel beds can cover many areas and do not require watering, mowing, or edging. They can also be used in different areas, such as around trees and flower beds or to create a walkway that blends in with your landscape design. Additionally, the varied textures and colors can add depth and contrast to any outdoor space, providing your business with a clean and modern look.

Artifical turf is one way for small businesses to reduce landscaping expenses.

Artifical turf is one way for small businesses to reduce landscaping expenses.

4 – Use Mulch

Mulch is a great way to make landscaping look neat and attractive, while also reducing maintenance needs. Mulch helps to not only retain moisture in the soil but it helps in preventing weeds from growing. As a small business when you’re looking to choose a mulch, choose a mulch that works best for your property and yard maintenance needs. Installing muluch not only helps in lowering the needs for maintenance, but can give your landscaping a polished looked which can add curb appeal to your business.  


5 – Use Watering Tools to Your Advantage

Grouping plants and perennial flowers that have similar water and sunlight requirements can help reduce water usage and require less maintenance. For example, drought-resistant plants like succulents, cacti, and/ or agave require less water but add character and vibrant colors to any landscape. Not only can you use drought resistant or native plants that require little water, but you can choose an irrigation system that can ensure you’re not over watering or wasting water. Implementing effective planting and watering strategies can help you save money on your water bill. 


6 – Incorporate Hardscaping Elements

Hardscaping elements such as patios, decks, or retaining walls add value to your outdoor space and require little maintenance. They provide functional areas for relaxation, entertainment, and outdoor dining, making them great additions to your landscape design. You can use different materials like pavers, bricks, or concrete to create unique outdoor spaces that needs minimal care.

Hardscaping is low maintenance and requires minimal maintenance.

Hardscaping is low maintenance and requires minimal maintenance.


Creating a low maintenance landscape for your commercial properties is a great way to provide a beautiful outdoor space for visitors and reduce expenses. From using native plants and artificial turf to incorporating hardscaping elements, there are many ways to design a landscape that is both attractive and practical. The ideas we have mentioned above will help small businesses in achieving a low maintenance beautiful landscape that will save time and money while enhancing any property’s appeal.

If you have additional questions regarding low maintenance landscaping ideas, or if you’d like a landscaping consultation,contact All Metro Service Companies today.

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