Spring Irrigation Start Up

We will start up your sprinkler system in the spring by testing functionality, setting watering schedules and adjusting sprinkler heads.

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Our Spring Irrigation Start Up Services

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Getting your sprinklers prepared every spring is necessary to ensure that your sprinkler system is in proper working order. Winter can be hard on irrigations systems and that’s why we do more than just turning on a valve! Our trained crews will come to your home to make sure your system is working to the best of its abilities!

Spring Irrigation Start Up

Each spring we can return to your home or business and start up your lawn sprinkler system for the growing season.

A highly trained technician will come to your home and inspect your system and verify it is running optimally.

We’ll make sure that you aren’t wasting your money watering parts of your yard that don’t need as much water and adjust sprinkler heads that aren’t properly positioned.

Spring Start Up Process

  • Resealing all drain valves and plugs including the backflow prevention valves.
  • When water is on, checking for any leaks on the main lines, backflow devices, and valves.
  • Analyze each individual watering zone and perform a detailed inspection. Areas are reviewed for performance and proper coverage.
  • Control timers will be checked and reprogrammed for the proper settings.
  • Backflow testing.
  • Re-positioning of sprinkler heads that are ineffective due to new plant growth.
  • Replace clogged nozzles and repair leaks.

All additional work needed will be discussed with the client as well as a quote provided before additional services are done. Some of these services can be done the same day while other services may require an additional appointment.

We offer maintenance programs that will fit your budget! Individual services can also be done for a one time fee. Our crews work with a variety of sprinkler systems and are up to date on all the new technologies. We’ll keep you informed on what can be added to your system to help improve its functionality!

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