Irrigation Installation

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Irrigation Installation

We offer worry-free irrigation installation for all your turf and landscaping needs. We will design and install an irrigation system for you using all the latest technology in lawn irrigation products!

We make the installation process as easy as possible, only making a minimal impact on your lawn and gardens during the installation process. As an added bonus, all of our new installation customers receive their first start up and shutdown FREE!

Design and Installation Process

One of our trained professional will come to your home to take measurements of your yard. Determining where the watering zones are and what type of sprinkler head would be the most efficient will be determined at this point as well. Factors such as water pressure, water volume, sun, shade, current landscape and plants are all taken into account at this time.

Our teams of professional installers will come to your home and lay a series of underground pipes with as minimal disruption to your lawn as possible. Garden beds will be hand dug to help protect your shrub and flower beds. Driveways and sidewalks will be left undisturbed! Pipes are typically laid 15-18” underground so they won’t be disrupted by ordinary gardening. With technology such as rain sensors and timers your lawn will be watered perfectly and evenly every time!

We make sure to fill in any trenches that were created during the installation process. Reseeding will also be done at this time. If flower or shrubs beds were disrupted, we’ll make sure to add any additional soil and level your areas that may need it. If additional mulch is needed to repair your beds it will be added. Let us do the work so you don’t have to!

Before we leave, we test your new system to guarantee it is running properly. And, we teach you how to fully operate your new irrigation system! If any additional questions come up, we are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. A correctly installed system will save you time and money! With technology such as rain sensors and timers you are guaranteed a perfectly watered yard every day!

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