7 Ways to Make Your Landscaping More Inviting to Customers

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7 Ways to Make Your Landscaping More Inviting to Customers

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
8 months ago | August 14, 2023

When a customer arrives on your property, one of the first things they see is your landscaping. It not only helps in seting the tone for their overall experience, but it can either make a great impression or set a negative one with your clients.

For busines owners or property managers, impression can be everything so taking the time to create an inviting landscape that attracts customers, makes them feel welcome, and perhaps encourages more business can be a crucial part of enhancing a commercial property’s curb appeal.

For those looking to update their outdoor spaces or for commercial landscaping ideas, we have seven ways to make your commercial landscaping more inviting.

Colorful and native plants can help enhance your business property.

1: Choose the Right Plants

One of the first, and perhaps most obvious additions to any outdoor commercial landscape, is adding colorful and well-maintained plants. Not only do colorful plants have a way of brightening up any landscape, but they can add curb appeal which can help to attract more customers to your front door.

When choosing plants to add to your commercial property or outdoor space, consider selecting low maintenance plants, plants that are appropriate for the climate or those that can help in creating a green space.

For many commercial properties, easy landscape maintenance is also crucial. By selecting climate-friendly, colorful plants commercial landscapers can have less to maintain while reducing watering needs.

If you want to create a more green space or are looking for ways to incorporate native plants into your commercial landscaping ideas, consider working with a professional landscaper. They can help to create a commercial landscape design for any building as well as a more inviting environment.

Adding a water feature to your commercial landscape can be soothing and inviting.

2: Consider Adding a Water Feature

Water features such as fountains, ponds, or even a small waterfall can add a relaxing and visually pleasing element to your commercial landscape design. This can be especially beneficial if your property is located in a busy or noisy area. The sound of running water can leave customers with a positive impression while having a calming effect that can help create a more inviting environment.

3: Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Perhaps one of the most important commercial landscaping ideas is outdoor lighting.Lighting cannot only increase property value, but transform your commercial landscaping at night by creating a welcoming and inviting appearance.

String lights or even solar lighting can help to highlight your property’s architecture, illuminate walkways and entrances to make your property look more accessible and safer, as well as attract more customers.

One way to improve your commercial landscape design is to create an inviting entrance.

4: Design a Welcoming Entrance

As the first point of contact between you and your customers, the entrance stands to not only be a major focal point, but showcase an inviting atmosphere that makes your commercial property stand out.

When designing your entrance or when refreshing it, make sure it’s easy to spot, clean and well-lit. Potted plants, hanging baskets or urns, sculptures or ornaments can be eye catching easily used to create an aesthetically pleasing entry. Consider also:

  • Providing comfortable outdoor seating areas to accommodate visitors while they are waiting.
  • Creating colorful flower beds or planting tall trees to line walkways surrounding your entrance. As mentioned above, low maintenance plants can be a great option.
  • Providing ample shade with trees or building an overhang or portico that can shelter new customers or exisiting ones from adverse weather conditions as they enter or leave your business.

Creating a more private outdoor space can help in attracting customers and potential residents.

5: Create a Secluded Outdoor Space

For any commercial property where customers or residents may gather, creating an inviting ourdoor space can not only enhance the property value but attract customers or residents.

Conside creating a secluded outdoor seating area for customers or residents to enjoy. By using hedges, tall plants, or fencing you can create a sense of privacy in any outdoor space. Giving customers or residents a sense of privacy can not only provide a comfortable space but an intimate meeting atmosphere that encourages customers to return.

6: Add Visual Interest by Incorporating Local Flair

One creative commercial landscaping idea is to Include local artwork, sculptures or plants native to the region. These details can not only reflect the area and provide a sense of community to to potential customers but they can make them feel at home when they visit.

7: Keep Your Commercial Property Clean and Well-Maintained

Cleanliness and upkeep of any commercial landscape property are key to making your landscaping more inviting. Regular maintenance of a business proerpty include:

  • Mowing
  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • Weeding
  • Watering and upkeeping commercial planters

All of these things can go a long way in making your property or business look well-maintained. Pay close attention to walkways, outdoor furniture, and other features to ensure everything looks clean and tidy.

Create an inviting commercial landscape with low maintenance plants.


With these seven ways to make your commercial landscaping more inviting to customers you can make a positive first impression with your customers as you increase property value.

For businesses and proerty owners in the Minneapolis metropolitan area contact All Metro Service Companies today to see how we can help with your next commercial landscpe design or help improve your commercial landscaping.

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