Spring Lawn Clean-Up Checklist

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Spring Lawn Clean-Up Checklist

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
7 years ago | March 25, 2017

Spring is here, the snow has melted, the birds are chirping , and yard clean up has begun! If your yard is in shambles from the toll winter has taken on it, here are some ideas on how to get started with an easy Spring Clean-Up Checklist.

Remove Excess Debris

Start by removing any excess debris, like leaves and sticks, that may have been sitting on your yard from the previous fall or winter. If possible, remove all leaves from your lawn before they become wet and soggy to prevent the grass underneath from dying. Clearing away the excess debris from your lawn also helps prevent decay and thatch buildup, which can all affect how well your lawn will thrive this growing season.

Cut Back Perennials

Trim away any weather worn perennials that have browned over the winter, and was not done in the fall. Plants like hostas, daylilies, peonies, etc, should be cut back as soon as possible (if this was not done in the fall) to prevent having to cut through new spring growth and dead tops. Most evergreen bushes and trees will not need trimming unless the leaf tips are brown. Then, only a light trimming can occur. Make sure to use caution when cutting back any woody perennials. Some woody perennials can be cut to the ground while others may die if cut back all the way to the ground.

Clean Garden Beds and Walkways

To get a head start on spring it’s always beneficial to clean unwanted debris from paths, walkways, and driveways. If any edging needs to occur, it can be done at this time. Take note of any areas around your garden beds that may need extra care, and pull any weeds that may have been left from the fall.

 Clean Gutters

Don’t forget the buildup that may have accumulated over the winter months in your gutters! Cleaning your gutters is important in helping prevent future water damage to your home and yard. Once your gutters have been cleaned, make sure to check them on a rainy day to make sure they are functioning properly. Most importantly, gutters need to be checked several times during the spring, summer, and fall to make sure they are working properly and are clear of debris.

Repair Lawn

During the year, it is common for lawns to develop bare areas and may be in need of spring seeding. This should be done as soon as soon as your lawn is dry enough to walk on without over-compacting the soil beneath. Seeding can be done by hand or by using a fertilizer spreader. Make sure to rake the area before and after seeding to ensure optimal growth. Follow a watering and fertilizer schedule of your choice to make sure your seeds grow well.

If spring clean up to your yard is something you are tired of doing, consider hiring a professional to help your yard blossom this year. Give us call today for a free quote on how we can help make that happen!

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