Shrub and Tree Fertilization

Deep root fertilization for the roots of your trees, bushes and shrubs

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Shrub and Tree Fertilization

Just like your lawn, trees and shrubs need fertilization too.

Shrub and Tree Fertilization

Walk into any garden center and you’ll see shelves upon shelves devoted to just this!

Deciding which fertilizer is right for your trees and shrubs can be confusing and, using the wrong one can pose more harm to your plants then help.

Still, fertilizing trees and shrubs is commonly overlooked when it comes to yard care and maintenance.

Benefits of Fertilizing your Trees and Shrubs

Applying fertilizer to your trees and shrubs has many positive benefits. First, when the soils lack the proper nutrients, your trees and shrubs are more susceptible to disease and insects. Getting these nutrients back into the soils can restore your plants and give them healthier, long lasting colors. Fertilizing also helps strengthen the roots systems in your trees and shrubs making them stronger and less susceptible to damage. Overall, a plant that is fertilized will live longer than a plant that is not.

Do Your Trees and Shrubs Need Fertilization?

If your tree or shrub has just been planted, it is best to avoid fertilizing it until after it has been established for about a year. If your tree or shrub is new and has been established, fertilizing will greatly benefit your plant at this stage. Older trees and shrubs require less fertilization unless a problem related to disease and insects is the case. A good way to determine if your tree or shrub is unhealthy is to examine the foliage. If your plant has unnatural coloring to its leaves, then fertilization is most likely needed.

What We Can Do For You

Our highly trained crews can come access your trees and shrubs to determine what is needed to keep your plants healthy. Typically, we apply a liquid fertilizer that is injected into the ground to reach the roots of your trees and shrubs as quickly and accurately as possible. Our fertilizers are specially formulated to your plants and will help protect against disease and insects. We generally recommend several applications throughout the growing season and can tailor a plan to help fit your needs.

Give us a call today for a free tree and shrub analysis and make your yard the best on the block!

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