Insect and Disease Control

Repair and prevent your lawn, trees, and shrubs from insect and disease damage.

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Insect and Disease Control

Unfortunately, our lawns can be susceptible to pesky insects and disease.

Insect and Disease Control

Acting quickly when you notice a problem in your yard is vital to getting it back on track quickly. In the same way, determining the cause to your problem is crucial to its treatment whether it is insects or diseases.

We offer a wide-range of services when it comes to insect and disease control. Below is a list of common insects and diseases that we deal with in the Twin Cities area.

White Grubs

Preventing white grubs is more cost effective than treating them. That’s why we offer two treatments to help combat these pesky invaders. To prevent them, we typically apply a treatment in the spring. This treatment acts almost like a pre-emergent to the grub by effectively stopping any new larvae from hatching. Once the white grubs have already become a problem we offer a separate treatment that is applied to your lawn. With proper watering the treatment will soak into your lawn killing all larvae and existing white grubs.

Mosquito Control

Nothing can ruin a party or outdoor event faster than swarms of mosquitos. If you are planning a graduation party or any other type of outdoor party this summer we can help! We offer a complete insect control application that will help control all insects, including mosquitos, to give you a bug free event!

Perimeter Control

Before the bugs get inside, we can fortify your home from any unwanted guests. Our perimeter control application focuses on spraying the perimeter of your house is extremely effective for defending against all insects.


There are many different types of diseases that can affect your lawn. Common turfgrass diseases in Minnesota include: brown patch, dollar spot, stripe smut, pink patch, red thread, copper spot, and anthracnose. Properly identifying the disease and the severity of it will determine the next steps to control it. Most commonly, these diseases can be controlled with fungicides.

Our experienced crews can come access your lawn to determine if your problem is related to insects or disease to get your turf healthy and green again! If you suspect a problem with your lawn, give us a call for a free analysis!

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