The Benefits of Winter Tree Care

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The Benefits of Winter Tree Care

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
3 years ago | December 6, 2020

When the leaves start falling, it’s hard to imagine that your trees need care. In reality, winter is the perfect time to care for your trees. And according to ISA certified arborists, winter tree care is the ideal time to maintain and care for the health of your trees.

Trimming Dormant Trees Causes Less Stress

It’s common knowledge that when it’s winter, your trees are dormant. In this sleeplike state, your trees aren’t growing. When your tree is dormant, less stress is put on the tree during trimming and pruning. If this is done during the wrong time of the year, it can stimulate additional growth that may not develop properly. In addition, trees that produce sap and resin are also less likely to ‘bleed’ when cut during the dormant season.

Ideally, you want to plan your trimming before any new growth starts. That way, when spring comes, your tree can focus all its attention on new growth. Ultimately, you’re optimizing your tree’s growth! 

Limit Pests and Diseases with Winter Tree Trimming

Although it’s generally ok to prune and trim your trees year-round, the United States Department of Agriculture notes that specific trees should only be trimmed in the winter. By doing so, you’re more likely to prevent disease, bacteria, and insects. For all other trees, they recommend special care during the spring and summer months to prevent disease.

Additionally, many of the pests and diseases that can harm your trees are dormant in the winter. Fresh cuts in the winter are less likely to attract insects that spread bacteria and fungi. For instance, elm trees should be trimmed and pruned in the winter to prevent Dutch Elm disease. Certain apples and trees should be trimmed and pruned in the winter so they can grow and produce more apples in the summer and fall. 

Arborists Can Easily See Problematic Areas in Winter

When your trees are regularly inspected they are safer and healthier. And when the leaves are gone, it’s actually easier for your arborist to see the tree’s structure.

ISA certified arborists will look for problematic areas such as:

  • Splits and cracks in the branches and joints
  • Inspect for signs of disease and rot
  • Problematic areas on the trunk of the tree
  • Branches that rub or cross or go toward the center of the tree
  • Tree hazards and risks


Call an ISA Certified Arborist for Winter Tree Care Questions

Different species of trees develop differently. That’s why it’s important to contact an expert who can better understand exactly what your trees need. All Metro Services offers a wide variety of tree services with an ISA certified arborist. Call today to speak to an ISA Certified Arborist and get answers to all the questions you have regarding your tree’s health.

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