Why Hire a Company for Snow Removal Services?

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Why Hire a Company for Snow Removal Services?

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
3 years ago | October 25, 2020

We know we live in Minnesota when making plans for snow removal services is a year-round process. But what if you haven’t hired a snow removal company before? Maybe you’ve never thought about having someone else do it for you. Why hire a company to do it now? Despite the obvious reasons for hiring a snow removal company (like not doing it yourself anymore!), there’s actually a variety of reasons why hiring someone for snow removal can actually be better for you than you think.

Snow Removal Services Save Time

Hiring someone to remove snow gives you more time to do the things you need to do. Depending on the contract you’ve agreed on with your snow removal company, snow can be cleared as soon as you need it to. This includes more than just driveways and parking lots! It means that all the snow that surrounds your property’s walking and driving areas can be cleared when you need it to be.

Additionally, snow removal services are available 24/7. That means that even if it snows at night or during a holiday, someone is available to clear the snow for you. Now, you don’t have to make sure an employee is at the office for the snow to get cleared. And for homeowners, this frees up valuable time to spend with friends or family.

Specialized Snow Equipment Speeds up Removal

Snow removal companies have the best equipment on the market to remove snow. This makes it fast and efficient for snow removal services to be completed on your property. What could be an hour-long process to snow blow your driveway, might take a snow removal company 10-15 minutes with a plow.

It doesn’t make sense to invest and store expensive snow equipment. Snow removal companies do that for you. And, don’t forget about the maintenance that’s required to keep this equipment ready for every snowfall!

Improved Parking and Walking Areas

Accumulated snow in parking lots or driveways can cause several problems that most midwesterners are familiar with:

  • Non-visible parking lines make it harder for people to park efficiently. Drivers may end up parking farther away from each other resulting in fewer spaces.
  • Accumulated snow can turn to ice making it harder to park. Getting in and out of vehicles and slipping on ice is also a concern when the snow accumulates too much.
  • For smaller parking lots and driveways, there may not be enough room for plowed snow to remain on the premises and may need to be removed.

With a snow removal company, these problems are addressed and dealt with so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of what to do every time it snows. 

Save Money by Preventing Damage

Snow removal services not only remove snow from walking areas or driveways, but they can also remove ice from your buildings or snow from your roofs. When snow accumulates on the roof of your home or building it runs the risk of a structural collapse. Unfortunately, most owners don’t have the tools or equipment to properly remove the snow from the roofs themselves. And when the snow gets removed from your roof, snow removal companies won’t just leave the snow on your walkways, decks, driveways, or parking lots. They make sure that all the snow is properly cleared.

Improper snow and ice removal can also cause damage to your property and end up costing you money for repairs in the spring. If ice and snow aren’t moved properly, concrete and pavement have the potential to split and crack. Moreover, landscaping can become affected when removing ice and snow improperly. For instance, inadvertently piling snow on plants, or shrubs will kill or visually damage your plants – making costly repairs for the spring!

And finally, not properly removing your snow in a timely manner can cause fines from your city or be a potential lawsuit if someone were to get hurt on your property. Making sure the snow and ice is properly removed (and in a timely manner) will eliminate these problems so they don’t occur.


Reduce Injury from Shoveling

According to this Washington Post article, about 11,500 people are treated every year for snow-related injuries. Most common are soft-tissue injuries (about 55%), many of which are back-related issues from shoveling heavy snow. Did you know that a shovel full of wet snow can weigh as much as 20 pounds? Think about all the repetitive stress on your body!


What kind of snow removal service do you need?

Snow removal companies can offer a variety of services to accommodate your needs and budget. To learn more about what kind of services a snow removal company can provide, visit our Snow Removal and Ice Control page or request a free estimate.

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