10 Simple Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Yard

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10 Simple Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Yard

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
7 years ago | April 28, 2017

Your yard is one the first things people see when they come to your home so it is important to make it look nice by adding curb appeal to your yard. In fact, people that live in well kept neighborhoods and take care of their own yards, are statistically happier people! So why not keep your yard looking nice!

1) Update Your Landscaping

Landscaping your yard can provide the biggest change to your yard and make it look 100% better once it is done. Start by planning out where you think grass, gardens, trees, and bushes would look best in your yard. If it helps, draw a bubble diagram to get a better idea of where things are placed around your yard. Remove old rocks, garden edgers, pavers, and plants and replace them with new materials and plants that you like.

2) Mow High

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your yard, without spending any additional money, is too keep your grass slightly longer. When grass is kept longer, their roots are able to grow deeper. Deeper roots are able to hold and gather water and nutrients more easily, thus keeping your grass greener. Higher grass also helps keep your weeds away by restricting the amount of sun that reaches the soil, so weeds aren’t able to receive any.

Different grasses require different levels of height. While some grasses may be ideal at 2 inches, others might benefit from 3 inches. So experiment with your yard to see what works best. It is also ideal not to mow off too much from your lawn at one time. A good rule of thumb to remember is the ⅔’s rule. That means, if your grass is 3 inches long, only mow off ⅔’s of it, or 1 inch. And of course, using sharper blades will help reduce the amount of stress put on your grass by not tearing it, so sharpen those blades too!

3) Fertilize

Keeping your grass lush and green is important to making your yard and home look nice. That’s why fertilizing your lawn is just as important as how you mow. Typically, you want to apply fertilizers and weed killers several times throughout the growing season for optimal results. If you you plan on taking the minimalist approach, spring is the best time to apply pre-emergent weed killers while fall is the best time to apply your fertilizers.

4) Pull weeds

Probably one of the cheapest ways to make your yard look immediately better is by pulling out those pesky weeds. We’re not talking about the weeds that may be in your lawn, but the weeds that are found elsewhere around your home. Mulch beds, landscaping rocks, in-between pavers, or gardens are the best places to check and start pulling!

5) Trim Plants

Another cheap way to improve the look of your yard is to trim your plants. Bushes can get overgrown and become unsightly fast so make sure you are shaping as you trim. Also consider pruning tree branches that have become too low or are invading spaces the shouldn’t. Vines can also create a mess, so trim any vines that have reached farther than they should. Most trimming can be done with a sharp set of long clippers or a band saw and should typically be done in the early summer or late fall. Consider a rechargeable hedge trimmer for larger jobs.

6) Put Away That Garden Hose

Although we tend to use them all summer long, garden hoses can be an eyesore if they are sitting out in your yard all day long. Consider buying something decorative and functional to conceal your hose when it is not in use.

7) Add Planters and Decor

Planters and garden decor are an easy way to add splashes of color throughout your yard and can easily be moved around if you decide you want to change things up a little. Adding a decorative bench, birdbath, or small bridge to your yard can easily be done and typically requires no installation. Placing lattices strategically in your yard can also make a once boring area, stand-out more.

8) Edging

Having a clean edge between paved areas and your lawn can give your lawn a clean, manicured appearance. Edging is also beneficial in creating a root barrier between your grasses and garden beds to prevent grasses from getting where you don not want them, Edging can be done around driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and garden beds. You can use a trowel by hand or consider renting or buying an electric edger for your lawn.

9) Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to give your yard extra appeal at night. Lighting can be added many different ways and can be a great way to accent your favorite part of your yard.

10) Paint

Although painting may not seem like yard-work, having your home and decks nicely painted can give your yard the curb appeal it needs. Changing the color of your front door and garage doors can add the splash of color you wanted. Fixing up peeled and cracked paint can also make your home feel more inviting.

For landscaping ideas, or general lawn care questions, give us a call today and set up a free estimate and see how we can help increase the curb appeal at your home.

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