The importance of knowing your budget before you start a landscaping project

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The importance of knowing your budget before you start a landscaping project

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
8 years ago | January 27, 2016

Generally one of the first things you will be asked when you meet any landscape designer or contractor is budget related. It’s one of the top items on the questionnaire I ask all of my design clients to complete before we begin the design process. Knowing your budget before you get the process started is extremely important. Being upfront with the true numbers can save you a great deal of time, headache and hassle. Let alone it can prevent you from wasting your landscape designer or contractors time and efforts.

What can you afford for your landscaping project?

There will always be the simple fact of know what you can comfortably afford. How much money have you realistically set aside for this project? Maybe you are financing the outdoor fireplace and patio you have seen in all the magazines. Can you make the monthly payments? Is this site worth spending the money on? Maybe it’s a property you are preparing to sell so you don’t want to spend a great deal on. You are planning just some basic curb appeal to help sell the property. A budget of a $2,000 will get the job done. In other cases it’s your lifelong dream home you plan to spend the next 40 years in and you have always wanted a porous paver driveway. In that case your budget will be closer to $45,000 or $50,000.

Selecting a good landscape contractor

The budget question will give you the opportunity to separate the good from the bad. A good landscape contractor or designer will explain the costs associated with each aspect of the project regardless of what you say your budget is. They may be upfront with you and tell you that your budget is unrealistic. I know in my 16+ years in the industry I have had do this numerous times per season. From there, your better landscapers will give you options to meet your budget constraints while maintaining a top quality end result you will enjoy for years to come. It will become an educational opportunity for you.

Some landscapers will come back and hit you with a number that is a dollar or a penny shy of your entire budget. Really? Yes, I have seen it happen. Remodeling contractors have done it to me. This should be a huge red flag to anyone. I fully understand this is why people are afraid of telling their budget upfront. You want the honest project cost, not just someone who is out there to take every last penny possible. Do not be afraid to ask for a price breakdown in these cases and compare numbers.

Be confident in your landscaping budget and contractor

Make sure you are comfortable with a budget that is realistic for the project. As always, make sure you are confident in the company doing the work. Reputable contractors and designers will give you a true project cost regardless of what you tell them your budget is. Not sure about a landscape or contractor? Then move to someone you feel comfortable with.

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