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Start With A Landscape Consultation

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
8 years ago | March 1, 2016

Why start with a landscape design consultation?

Here it is, early March and it’s cold. But it’s supposed to be over 50-60 degrees starting Sunday for most of next week. With overnight lows in the 40’s, the ground will thaw quickly. We hope to have our landscape crews starting spring projects within three week.

You have spent the winter dreaming and looking at pictures of plants and landscape elements you would like to see in your own yard. After attending last weekend’s home & garden show you are ready for the first step but still have tons of questions on what would actually work in your site. You plan on going to the Minneapolis show this weekend or next to help get more ideas. Maybe you lack a clear vision of what exactly you are looking for. What’s your best first step?

Hiring a landscape designer for an hourly consultation

Hiring a landscape design consultation is the best move you can make at this point. Generally your cost will be anywhere from $90 to $120 per hour. The vast majority of people that go this route find it to be the best money they spend throughout the project. Most consulting designers will refund your money if you hire them to do a design or use their installer for the projects of a certain minimum value.

A good consulting designer will let you take the lead during your hour

They want to get to know what you are looking for and your objectives. Before every consultation I do, I ask my clients to complete a questionnaire. Realize this is your opportunity to get a professional opinion of your ideas and your site. You are already paying this designer so there is no pressure like you would get from any old salesperson needing to sell you something so they can make a paycheck.

Go into this consultation with a clear objective

You want ideas of what plants will work on your site, be sure to keep those questions flowing from the start. Got problem areas you are not sure what to do with? Start by taking your consulting designer to those areas. Wanting a patio with plantings around it and fire pit? Pull some lawn chairs out in the area you thinking about and start the discussion there.

Make sure to discuss budget so everyone is on the same page

Also so your consulting designer keeps everything within those confines. He or she can use your budget to let you know when your dreams have become too big for reality or they can help you break the project into phases that meet your budget.

Realize this is an educational opportunity for you

It’s an opportunity to get project specific information about your site. The ultimate outcome must be you being ready to start moving forward with your project. You will come out of this hour will a clear picture of your project and your questions answered. You will be ready to start putting things in the ground yourself, get a design or get bids for the work you discussed. Most consulting designers will send you a summary email and include quick plant lists or field sketches.

Now go on out and get that project started

To help, call to schedule your consultation before 5pm March 8th and we will take $20 off your consultation. That’s $80 per hour instead of $100. Consultations can be schedule for date and time to receive this discount. Mention this blog post when you call.

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