Is Lawn Irrigation Worth it?

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Is Lawn Irrigation Worth it?

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8 years ago | June 2, 2016

Is Lawn Irrigation Worth it? Watering lawns during the summer months becomes necessary when trying to achieve a green lawn. But getting the hose out and your sprinklers aligned perfectly isn’t always something we want to do. Installing a lawn irrigation system can relieve the chore of watering your lawn but it is also important to understand the pros and cons of your decision beforehand.

Installation Causes Less Damage Than you Think

A very common misconception regarding irrigation systems is that in order to install them your lawn will suffer. The truth is, if you are having a professional come do the work, the damage to your lawn is minimal rather than if you do it yourself. If damage to your lawn is a concern, you’ll want to preferably look for a company that uses a vibratory plow during the installation process. This process involves “slicing” the pipe into the ground versus digging out trenches that take longer for your lawn to recover.

Save Money and Water

Installing an in-ground sprinkler system can actually save you money, especially if the yearly upkeep stays current. According the the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a properly maintained irrigation system can help reduce your annual water usage by 8,000 gallons – the equivalent to 500 showers! In addition, newer irrigation systems now contain “smart” technology that help make saving water even easier. With things like soil-moisture sensors, rain sensors, and more efficient sprinkler heads, saving water becomes more effective.

Irrigation Systems Need To be Maintained

Installing an irrigation system doesn’t mean that it is maintenance free, especially if you live in colder climates like Minnesota where pipes can burst if water is left in them. Typically, irrigation systems require a spring start up, occasional summer check-ups (if needed), and most importantly, a fall blow-out.

A spring start up consists of checking valves and pipes, checking for any leaks, and making sure all of your watering zones are set properly. Sprinkler heads will be adjusted at this time to account for any new plant growth and movement during the fall and winter months. Fall blow-outs typically require special equipment to blow air through your pipes to ensure that no water is left in them to freeze over the winter months. This is a necessary step that should be taken in order to avoid costly bills in the spring due to pipes freezing and bursting.

These services can be done by the homeowner or can be hired out to a professional. Most companies offer a discount if you combine these services. If your irrigation system has just been installed, some companies will offer these services free of charge the first year.

How Much Does Irrigation Cost?

Irrigation systems vary in cost depending on the size of your yard, the number of zones needed to water your yard, materials used, and cost of labor if you are hiring a professional. An average cost for an average sized yard can range from $1,800 to $4,500. Another factor to keep in mind is yearly maintenance fees, which are fairly minimal. For instance, fall blow-outs can range from $50-$100 per year but this can sometimes be reduced if combined with other services.

Is Lawn Irrigation Worth It?

Deciding whether or not a lawn irrigation sprinkler system will benefit you will vary depending on your budget and needs. Taking into account things like your time spent on yard work, your budget, and yearly upkeep of an irrigation system are all things to keep and mind making sure they work for you. Before you make a decision, follow up with local companies that can come out and access your lawn to give you an accurate analysis of zones needed and cost.

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