Healthy Green Lawn. Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

Tips For A Great Lawn

Healthy Green Lawn. Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
12 years ago | September 7, 2012

Looking to have a healthy green lawn?

Our experts have some tips below to allow the everyday homeowner to accomplish a healthy green lawn with some safe and easy lawn care practices.

Know Your Lawn and Grass

Your lawn and grass is comprised of hundreds to thousands of different types of plants, and like any other plant it requires a mixture of sun, water and nutrients to maintain a healthy root system and appearance.

Understanding your grass’s needs will allow you to keep a healthy green lawn.

Watering You Lawn

During the spring in Minnesota, you can expect your lawn to have a healthy green coloration from the melted snow and abundance of water in the soil from the previous winter. As spring turns to summer, watering your lawn becomes an important part of maintaining that lush green appearance.

As summer begins to get hot, you may need to water your lawn on a daily basis. Water early in the morning, and be sure to check with your local counties watering laws (some towns and counties only allow watering on even/odd days).

Aeration and Overseeding

If you find your yard is patchy or has areas that are not as dense as you’d like, you may need to aerate the ground and overseed. This process created thousands of nickel sized holes in your soil that allows air, water and seed to infiltrate the soil and promotes healthy root systems for your lawn.

Overseeding will help to fill in the patchy areas and give your lawn a more overall dense appearance. This practice is best done in the early fall. If you have bare areas in your yard, consider a sun/shade seed mixture to patch those bare areas.

Be sure to water the freshly planted seed and keep it moist during the entire tie it germinates and begins to grow.

Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing your yard may be a tedious process of being a homeowner, but consistent mowing will give your yard a pristine appearance and help grass to build a healthy and strong system of roots. Strong roots allow your yard and grass to maintain itsself during dry spells and harsh winters.

Take care not to mow your yard too short. Short grass has a tendency to expose the roots to the sun and can burn them. During dry spells and hot summer days, avoid cutting your yard too short, and this makes the grass require more water.


like any other plant, your grass requires nutrients which it typically gets from the soil, sun and water. Even in perfect environments, your grass may not be getting the nutrients it needs to thrive. Fertilization can add the perfect balance of natural and manually added nutrients for the soil and grass.

Fertilization is commonly applied during the summer months and a specific mixture in the late fall to promote growth the following spring.

Weed Control

Just like fertilization can help you lawn to grow and maintain a healthy appearance and root system, weed control is used to remove unwanted and harmful plants from your lawn.

Creeping charlie, crab grass and other unwanted plants can be carefully remove and hindered using safe or organic weed control practices.

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