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Tree & Shrub Trimming

Corrective Pruning

When plant growth begins to endanger itself or surrounding structures it is time for corrective pruning.

Corrective pruning is a horticultural practice that controls the direction and thickness that a plant grows.

Thinning a tree or large shrub allows light to penetrate the plant for effectively, leading to a healthier plant and a healthier landscape. For large trees, corrective pruning can be even more important.

Deadwooding, prevents insects and disease from destroying your tree. It allows it to grow in a healthier direction and can prevent the tree from causing damage to your home after a storm or windy day.

By getting a professional to assess your trees and apply corrective pruning, you can create a beautiful landscape that won’t be hazardous to your home or property.



Thinning your tree is not simply a matter of cutting branches. Knowing when to thin a tree is as important as knowing how to do it, and our experts know both.

Every cut in a round of thinning can be beneficial to a tree, but even a few inches off can permanently wound a tree and leave it open to infection.

All Metro Tree Care can personally inspect your tree or shrubs to decide if thinning is necessary, how much thinning is necessary, and when it should be done. Our teams are deeply experienced with all types and species of tree, giving us the ability to take care of your trees for the long haul.

Dormant Trimming

Dormant Triming

Dormant trimming is the process of performing routine maintenance pruning on trees and shrubs at a time when they are not actively growing. Elevating low hanging branches, removing damaged or broken limbs, and creating space between structures and the landscaping can all be done during late Fall and Winter. Routine pruning practices can be used, but plants can also withstand more dramatic pruning at this time of so it’s also a good time to address shrubs that are growing into walks and paths or that are growing above windows creating a safety concern.

Pruning when the landscape is dormant offers many advantages to commercial property owners and managers. Dormant pruning reinvigorates the overall health of the plants while giving the property a clean, manicured look at a time when the landscaping often looks dull.

Shrub Trimming

Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming is one of those homeowner tasks that a lot of people avoid. Intimidated by the possibility of damaging their plant, or even from a total lack of knowledge, people neglect their shrubs until they’re overgrown and wiry, lacking the flowers and leaves that made them desirable in the first place.

Our experienced team of tree care specialists know exactly what your shrubs need and when. Our trimming services can give your property and beautiful, clean look, while ensuring that your shrubs look incredible when spring comes around again!

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