Rock, Mulch and Sod

Applying layers of rock, mulch or sod to improve the look and functionality of your yard.

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Our Rock, Mulch and Sod Services

Whether you are a new construction or your yard needs updating, we can take care of all your rock,mulch and sodding needs.

Rock, Mulch and Sod

Adding rock, mulch and sod can be the final touches to what your yard and lawn needs.

We don’t just provide these services to new construction homes either.

Our experienced crews and design teams are able to revamp a shabby yard into something your neighbors will be envious of!

Rock Services

We offer a variety of rock services that range from adding a rock perimeter to your house to adding a rock bed garden. If an updated look is what you are looking for, we can take away old rock and debris before we add any new material. Is a rock bed what you want? Rock beds typically do best in shrub gardens where the plants won’t be changing from year to year. Rocks are a great barrier for weeds in these areas as well. Typically, rock is what most homeowners prefer to use as a perimeter to their homes. They provide a visually appealing boundary between the areas in your yard. There are many different varieties of rocks that come in all shapes and sizes and choosing what’s right for you can be hard. Our design experts our knowledgeable in our products can help determine what is best for your outdoor spaces!

Mulching Services

Applying mulch to your flower and shrub beds is beneficial for many reasons and is a service we recommend for many of our clients. Mulching not only helps reduce weeds but it also conserves soil moisture and temperatures, decreases soil compaction, and can also help reduce soil-born diseases. Mulching is great for flower and shrub beds, around trees and areas that don’t get much sunlight, and many other areas to give your yard a finished look. Like rock, there are many different types of mulch to choose from as well. Don’t worry, our design experts will help you choose what is right for you and your yard!

Why Use Sod?

Sod is great to establish grass fast and is virtually weed free when it is laid. It can be laid anytime during the growing season versus seeding which should only be laid in the late spring or early fall. Sod is great for sloping areas and is also good for areas that are prone to water erosion. We make sure to use the best quality sod available to us to so that your lawn is lush and green instantly!

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