Fire Pits and Landscaping Trends for 2023

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Fire Pits and Landscaping Trends for 2023

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
1 year ago | January 23, 2023

Are you looking to spruce up your outdoor living space this year? If so, some exciting trends are emerging in the world of landscaping. From outdoor firepits to water features to organic gardens and colorful flower beds, there is something to suit every taste. Let’s take a look at some of the overall design, hardscaping, and landscaping trends for 2023, as well as a unique look at fire pit ideas for a fun evening with all of your family and friends. 

Outdoor Landscaping Design Elements

As we start thinking about what trends will be popular in 2023, it’s important to consider the latest landscaping designs. With that said, here are some of the top trends that are expected this upcoming year. 

Organic Forms

Organic forms are becoming increasingly popular in hardscaping projects. This style is characterized by shapes that are inspired by nature, such as waves or curved lines rather than straight lines. Similarly, a rustic look with wood fences or hand-crafted stone pathways adds warmth and character to any outdoor area while maintaining an elegant feel. Plus, they will help define spaces within your garden while allowing plants to be the main focus of your landscape design. Try these organic ideas to create an overall softer and more inviting atmosphere. 

Modern Minimalism 

Modern minimalism is an increasingly popular trend in home design. Here, clean lines and simple yet elegant structures are emphasized for a clean and clutter-free look. For a modern minimalist look in your landscape design, consider adding a sleek stone patio with linear patterns and minimal decorative touches. You can also incorporate other hardscaping elements like low walls or steppingstones that feature geometric shapes or subtle curves to help create a sense of order without feeling too rigid or regimented. 

Multi-functional spaces are a must in 2023.

Multi-functional spaces are a must in 2023.

Multifunctional Spaces 

One of the biggest trends for 2023 is multifunctional outdoor spaces that can be used for multiple purposes throughout the year. For example, a patio area can be used as an outdoor dining space in warmer months and then transformed into an outdoor living room during cooler months. By creating multi-functional spaces, you can get more use out of your outdoor rooms all year round. 

What are my Landscaping Options in 2023?

While a simple, green, and well-manicured lawn always adds curb appeal, here are some ideas to create something to set your landscaping apart from the crowd this year.

Vertical Gardens 

Vertical gardens or living walls are an increasingly popular way to add vibrant colors, texture, and life to outdoor spaces without taking up too much room. This garden design can be created using wood pallets, trellises, or even reclaimed materials like old shutters or window frames. A vertical garden is also an excellent way to bring the beauty of nature into your home since it offers a great place for plants and other foliage to thrive. Not only do vertical gardens look great, but they also provide privacy from neighbors and can help insulate against noise from outside sources. 

Vertical and edible gardens will continue trending in 2023.

Vertical and edible gardens will continue trending in 2023.

Edible Landscapes 

Another trend that is gaining traction is edible landscapes. This means growing food and incorporating edible plants into your hardscaping designs, such as herbs, vegetables, fruits, and even nut trees, if you have enough space. Not only does this look visually appealing, but it also provides you with fresh produce right from your backyard. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly way to reduce food waste since you won’t have to purchase produce from the grocery store as often. If you enjoy cooking, gardening, and the idea of growing your own food or an herb garden, this could be just the solution for a rewarding hobby that also adds beauty to your home.

Low-maintenance retaining walls and hardscaping will continue to trend in 2023.

Low-maintenance retaining walls and hardscaping will continue to trend in 2023.

Low-Maintenance Landscapes 

Most people don’t have the time to spend hours every week tending their lawns or garden anymore, so a low-maintenance landscape makes sense. These are becoming increasingly popular as people opt for low-care options that don’t require much work but still provide a beautiful outdoor space. This could mean incorporating native plants and flowers or more hardscape elements such as patio pavers or stone steps instead of grassy areas or opting for plant selections that don’t require regular pruning or watering. Artificial grass turf is another option if you don’t have time (or desire) to mow a lawn every week; however, keep in mind that artificial turf does require occasional maintenance like cleaning and periodic replacement over its lifespan. 

Hardscaping – from pergolas to water features

Hardscaping adds hard materials like concrete, stone, and brick to a yard or outdoor space. Let’s explore some of the most popular hardscaping trends you can expect in the coming year. 

Pergolas & Gazebos 

Nothing says “relaxation,” like a pergola or gazebo in the backyard. These structures are perfect for providing shade from the sun and protection from light rain showers during warmer months. You can choose from wooden or metal designs depending on what best suits your existing patio furniture and decor items. Pergolas and gazebos are also ideal spots for hanging string lights which will make any outdoor gathering even more special!  

Water features are a great addition to landscaping

Water features are a great addition to landscaping

Adding Tranquil Water Features 

Water features such as ponds, fountains, streams, and waterfalls have been popular additions to residential landscapes for years now—and they don’t seem likely to go out of style anytime soon. Whether you opt for a large waterfall cascading down into a pond or just a small fountain tucked away among your plants and trees, adding a water feature will make your outdoor space feel more tranquil and inviting. Plus, depending on the type of feature you choose, you may even attract birds or other wildlife, which will add even more visual interest.

Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces 

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways to extend their living space outdoors. These features can be used as both functional pieces of furniture (for keeping warm during cold nights) and decorative items (for adding ambiance). They come in all shapes and sizes—from simple portable units that can be used on patios or decks to larger built-in models that create a cozy gathering spot in the backyard. No matter your style, an outdoor fireplace or firepit will make any residential landscape feel more inviting than ever before. 

What are the Different Types of Fire Pits?

Are you looking for a fun home project that can create ambiance for cozy nights spent outdoors around the fire with friends or family? If a crackling fire and sizzling marshmallows are music to your ears, then consider installing a fire pit in your backyard.

Wood Burning Fire Pits 

For those who want the classic look and feel of a traditional campfire, consider installing a wood-burning fire pit. Wood-burning fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that fits your outdoor space perfectly. They also provide plenty of warmth, making them perfect for chilly nights spent outdoors with family and friends. The only downside is that they do require more maintenance than other types of fire pits—you’ll need to regularly check the pit for cracks or rot and make sure they are completely extinguished before going inside for the night. 

Gas Fire Pits 

Gas fire pits are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners due to their ease of use and low maintenance requirements. These types of fire pits can be powered by either natural or propane gas, which makes them incredibly convenient since you won’t have to worry about buying or storing logs or kindling like you would with a wood-burning fire pit. Gas fire pits are also considered safer than their wood-burning counterparts when they come with safety features like auto-shutoff valves and flame sensors. 

There are many different fire pit options.

There are many different fire pit options.

Fire Bowls   

If you’re looking for something smaller than a full-sized wood-burning or gas fire pit, consider investing in a fire bowl. Fire bowls are typically made from metal or ceramic materials and come in various shapes and sizes—from large bowls that can easily fit several people around them to small bowls designed just for adding ambiance lighting around your patio or deck area. Plus, because they sit directly on the ground (rather than being installed into it), they are incredibly easy to move around if needed—making them perfect for renters or anyone who doesn’t want something permanently installed in their backyard. 

Fire Pit Table 

Are you looking for something more than just an ordinary fire pit? Then why not opt for a fire pit table? As its name implies, this type of fire pit is designed to be used as both a table and a fire pit. It usually features an elevated tabletop surface that allows you to keep food and drinks off the ground while gathering around the warmth of the flame. Plus, the design options are endless – from modern styles to rustic designs – so you’ll be able to find one that fits your aesthetic. 

Fire Pit Design Considerations 

When designing your fire pit, there are several factors to consider. First, consider what kind of fuel you want your fire pit to use – wood logs or gas. If you decide on wood logs, then you need to think about how large the pit or bowl should be so it can accommodate them appropriately. For gas-fueled fire pits, ensure enough room for the propane tank or natural gas line if needed. You also need to determine if the fire pit should be built in or above ground – this will affect cost and installation time. 

In addition to size and fuel type considerations, you need to consider materials as well. Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes – from brick or stone masonry designs that blend seamlessly into existing patio spaces to ornate metal ones with decorative accents. There are even some pre-made kits available that make installation a breeze. Depending on your budget and personal style preferences, there are options. 

Choose Your Location Wisely 

The first step in adding a fire pit to your yard is selecting a safe spot. Ideally, this should be ten feet away from structures like your house, shed, or fence. You also want to make sure there are no overhanging tree branches that could catch on fire. Then, ensure the area is free from combustible material such as dead leaves and twigs. Finally, one of the most essential yet often overlooked considerations concerning fire pits is seating.

You’ll want enough area around the fire pit to provide sufficient space for your family and guests, and you’ll need to choose how to provide seating. Will you install permanent bench seats, or will you have moveable chairs that can be put away at the end of the day? Ultimately the choice depends on your budget, the size of your space, and the number of guests you expect to accommodate.

Don't forget about fire pit safety when designing your outdoor fire place or fire pit.

Don’t forget about fire pit safety when designing your outdoor fire place or fire pit.

Fire Pit Safety Tips 

It’s important to remember that safety comes first when using any open flame outside. Ensure children understand not to go near the fire pit without adult supervision at all times—and never leave it unattended. Additionally, ensure that any combustible materials, such as outdoor furniture or plants, are at least six feet away from the fire pit area at all times. Also, check your local regulations regarding open flames outside before building your fire pit – many areas have specific rules in place regarding size requirements and other regulations. Lastly, investing in tools such as long-handled pokers or tongs can also help ensure everyone stays safe when enjoying your new fire pit. 

In Summary

Residential landscaping trends are constantly evolving, with new ones popping up every year – and 2023 looks like it will be no exception. Vertical gardens, low-maintenance landscaping, and water features are all excellent ways to upgrade your outdoor living space while still keeping things stylish and modern. What’s more, creating an outdoor area with a beautiful fire pit is an excellent way for homeowners to enjoy their yards during summer months and entertain guests in style. Start planning today by researching different landscaping and fire pit designs, or give the pros at All Metro Serice Companies a call, and we’d be happy to help. Scheduling professional landscaping or hardscaping services early will save time in the long run, so don’t delay…call today!


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