Winter is the best time to trim your trees

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Winter is the best time to trim your trees

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
8 years ago | February 12, 2016

Winter is the best time of the year to get your trees trimmed.

Why trim trees during the winter? There a few reasons.

One of the more important reasons is that hardwood trees such as oaks should only be trimmed in the winter. Oak wilt is a real concern with all oak trees. The disease is spread by the elm bark beetle. During cold winter months the elm bark beetle is dormant, thus preventing the spread of disease to the fresh cuts on oak trees. Generally the only time to prune oak trees is when day time temperatures are below freezing. Trees are less likely to encounter disease carrying insects during the winter months, making this the safest time to prune trees.

Trees are dormant during the winter months.

Pruning dormant trees will ensure quicker recovery and healing from the damage done by pruning. This allows for new, healthy growth from the tree come spring.

Realize the cost factor. Trees are leafless during the winter.

This means arborists can get a better, quicker view of what needs to be done. They are on site less time, saving you money. Also, no leaves mean less clean-up and less to haul away, saving you money on the disposal. Generally tree services are slow during the winter months and a bit more willing to work with you on the cost.

Final thoughts to remember: never hire a tree service unless they are ISA (International Society of Arborculture) certified. Make sure they are fully insured and carry the proper licenses. Minnesota has a general state tree care license. Some cities require a city license. Never hire an uninsured tree care provider otherwise you could be held liable if anything goes wrong with the work.

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