Top 10 Reasons to start your landscaping project in the winter

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Top 10 Reasons to start your landscaping project in the winter

Posted by All Metro Service Companies LLC
8 years ago | January 19, 2016

Why should you start your landscape project in the winter?

View our top 10 reasons why you should start your landscape project in the winter.

  1. Quicker bidding process. A quicker bidding process means you have more time to review things and less risk of missing your deadlines. The reality of any major home remodeling project is you need time to meet with contractors and designers. They need time to get numbers together for you. You need time to review all the numbers and make the best choice. On larger landscape projects, it may take 2-3 weeks to get an estimate together. During peak season, it might take a week or more to get someone out to give you an estimate. During the winter months, when landscapers are slow, this process is generally a week or less, even for the larger projects vs 4+ weeks during peak season. Landscapers will always turn bids quicker in January then in June.
  1. The design process. Not all projects need a design. More complex projects do require a design. Clients don’t often realize the design process can take up to 3 weeks during peak season. During the winter months award winning caliber designs can be turned in less than a week.
  1. Carry over projects fill schedules. High quality landscape companies will have carry over projects that were not completed the previous fall. This means, your better landscaping companies are booked for the first few weeks of the season before Christmas.
  1. Cost savings. Most designers will offer special winter design rates to keep work flowing during the off season. This keeps designers working and gives you a top quality design at a reduced rate. On some projects, you can get off season deals to reduce the cost of that beautiful project you have been dreaming of. Some of this comes from being able to get the previous year’s pricing on materials. Saving a few percent on $10,000+ adds up quickly.
  1. Gives you a chance to think warm thoughts. Yep, we are going through another arctic blast. Why not dream a little bit about warmer times and wondrous days on your new patio or the warmth that will come from your new outdoor fireplace. Think about beautiful new flowering shrubs highlighting the front of your house while reducing maintenance.
  1. Hit them up when they are slow and eager to talk. Let’s face it; landscapers don’t do much in the winter aside from push snow and preparing for the coming. Everyone has plenty of time to talk about your dream project. Landscapers have time to spare in the winter and are more eager than ever to talk to you about your monster project.
  1. Ice fishing with All Metro Lawn & Snow’s designer. Get Mike a deposit on your major spring landscape project or have him do your design. Then ask him to take you ice fishing. Odds are he won’t say no. Mike will show you how much fun you can have catching catfish, crappies and walleyes on a warm winter day. He will probably throw in lunch.
  1. Get the most use of your project this season. Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling. Get that project done earlier in the season by starting today. That way you have the most time to enjoy it this spring, summer and fall.
  1. Financing. Some clients need to make arrangements for financing. That is understandable for larger projects. Also for projects that are more of a necessity for the property such as retaining walls on houses with tuck under garages. Realize most landscaping companies won’t put you on their schedule until they receive a deposit. Arranging financing takes time. Get started now. Home equity loans can take up to 45 days to process.  
  1. It boils down to scheduling. Did I mention scheduling? You know you are hosting a graduation party, family gather, wedding, or other major event this spring. What are you waiting for? If you wait until April or May to get started, you will likely be told your first choice landscape companies, they cannot have the work done before your party in May or June. You can tell a lot about a contractor based on their schedule. Higher quality contractors and landscape companies will be booked out at least a few weeks. Get started now so you can ensure the work is done well before the big event.

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